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Luxury buildings are always outfitted with the most high-end features. One of important consideration when designing a luxurious building is providing the most comfortable experience for the occupants. Comfort in a built environment is affected by the different experience of human senses. Aspects of comfort include personal factors, health and wellbeing, thermal comfort, indoor air quality, visual comfort, and acoustic comfort.

Acoustic is the key to success for many buildings and building spaces, and it should never be a maybe on a list of building design. When the acoustic is applied to the building, it will produce not only satisfying experiences but also add tremendous value to your building.

Our Services


Insulation design helps you to avoid any disturbance that comes from the activity in the next room. Insulation design relates to the ability of a building element or building structure (i.e. Walls, floor/ceiling assemblies, windows and doors) to reduce sound transmission through it. Geonoise provides consultancy services at the design stage and existing condition.


Room acoustic describes how sound behaves in enclosed space. It considers the geometry, volume, and material used on the surface of an area. Geonoise provides consultancy services at the design stage as well as the existing problems in the built environments, such as placement of acoustic absorption to ensure the function of speech intelligibility is achieved.


Building noise control is critical to ensure that the ambient noise is still at an equitable level. The noise usually arises from HVAC through the ducting system, mechanical rooms, building service equipment, and so on. Geonoise provides a consultancy for MEP drawings to determine a specific requirement to ensure the noise is adequately controlled.

Sound Reinforcement System

The sound system holds a critical role in effective communication and entertainment inside your building. The quality of the system is determined by sound coverage, intelligibility and dynamic range. Consequently, our Engineers use modelling software to predict the performance of the system.

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